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  • Let’s Take A Moment To Ponder 27/9/22
    Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder 27th September 2022 Hello there, my lovelies, I hope you have had a fantastic week. Unfortunately, the weather has turned wet and cold again here, (so much for Spring!) Needless to say, there hasn’t been a lot happening, other than work and trying to keep warm and dry! It […]
  • And now, for something a lil’ bit different. Excuse my miss-matched tea set.
    24th September 2022 Excuse My Miss-Matched Tea Set Excuse my miss-matched tea set,But it serves it’s purpose well.It’s heard many a story,though those stories it will never tell. Excuse my miss-matched tea set,But it keeps the tea still hot.Let your worries be quiet now,as this pot, be not, forgot. Excuse my miss-matched tea set,As it […]
  • Down the Garden Path 24/9/22
    Down The Garden Path 24th September 2022 First of all, apologies for the late posting, but we have had great weather here the last couple of days, so Mark and I have been busy little bees in the garden and around the homestead! I actually don’t quite know where to start, we have just been […]
  • A Lil’ Bit Witchy 22/9/22
    A Lil’ Bit Witchy- Happiness Spell 23rd September 2022 Hello witchy friends! I hope you’ve had an awesome week. We have had horrendous weather mixed with glorious weather, it’s been really strange. Between work and chores, there’s been very little time for witchy mischief! I thought I’d share a little spell with you, that I […]
  • Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder 22/9/22
    Let’s Take A Moment To Ponder22nd September 2022 I do apologise for the late posting.We decided that with our couple of days off, we would get some chores done around the homestead. So, Sorry, not sorry!! Let’s start today’s entry with a warning….. If you don’t like swearing, blunt talk and a harsh reality check, […]
  • Tales of the Homestead- 19/9/22
    Tales of the Homestead- The Experiment of the “Flour Free, Gluten Free, Bread” 19th September 2022 Let me start by saying, I am NOT gluten intolerant, and I do not sustain a gluten free diet (HELLLLL NO!), but my mum is gluten intolerant as well as many of my close friends being Celiac’s or Crohn’s […]
  • From the Apothecary 16/9/22
    From The Apothecary- Herbs for Inflammation16th September 2022 Hello there my lovelies! I hope you are all doing well! Today I am going to focus on herbs for Inflammation, as there seems to be a lot of you interested in herbs that may help. First of all, inflammation comes in many forms, be that of […]
  • Down The Garden Path 15/9/22
    Down The Garden Path 15th September 2022 Hello there fellow greenthumbs! I hope your week has been sunny and abundant! We have had a reasonably good week, weather-wise, which has helped the crops along nicely. The greenhouse has burst into life and looking healthy.The peas have now got their climbing frames and have latched on […]
  • A Lil’ Bit Witchy 14/9/22
    Spell Bag for Abundance of Crops14th September 2022 Hello my witchy friends and thank you for stopping by. I’ve got the first of our spell work posts for you today, and we are starting off simple, with a little spell bag! Now, spell bags can be used for several purposes, and we will, most definitely, […]
  • Let’s Take amoment to Ponder 13/9/22
    Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder 13th September 2022 Gratitude. A little word with a big punch. It saddens me that there is so little gratitude nowadays. Things are expected and taken advantage of, rather than accepted with gratitude and grace. Have we become so unbelievably self-absorbed, that the little things in life no longer […]
  • Tales of the Homestead- Mooey
    The Tale of Mooey the Maggie Where do I start with this tale? You see, this one is a hard tale to tell, and one I’d been putting off, as Mooey is no longer with us and it has left a gaping hole here at the homestead. OK, here we go, hope you have your […]
  • From the Apothecary 9/9/22
    Herbal Tea for Anxiety and Stress. I think in this day and age, stress, depression and anxiety have sky rocketed and we don’t tend to take the time to look after our own mental well-being. Although I don’t hold the magic cure (unfortunately), I do have a special tea blend that I make on a […]
  • Down the Garden Path 8/9/22
    8th September 2022 With Spring upon us, there’s been a fair bit of action in the garden this week! We’ve enjoyed a really lovely week of sunshine here, though the rains are now here and with a predicted 35ml on it’s way, we’ve battened down the hatches! The Greenhouse is proving to be the ideal […]
  • A Lil’ Bit Witchy 7/9/22
    Tools of the Craft Happy Witchy Wednesday my lovelies! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some of this glorious sunshine, where ever you are! Right. So, tools of the craft…… I’m asked, very regularly, what tools do I need to get started? My answer is always the same! Let me make this 1000% […]
  • Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder 3/9/22
    Let’s Take a Moment To Ponder 3rd September 2022 Letting go. Easier said than done, right? And I’m certainly not going to give you the magic cure. However, I am going to tell you this: You can’t reach for anything new, if you are still holding on to yesterday’s rubbish. Just let that sink in […]
  • Herbs for Allergies
    Get Ready For Allergy Season! Happy Spring Everyone!! Oh, it felt like Spring was never going to get here. It’s been so bitter cold here!Mind you, our first day of Spring (yesterday) was overcast, cold and drab!But still….IT’S HERE!!! Well, with Spring, comes seasonal allergies, so I thought this instalment of “From the Apothecary”, we […]
  • Down the Garden Path…….. 1/9/22
    1st September 2022 Hello my lovelies! I hope you’ve had a little of the sunshine we’ve had our end and enjoyed some time in the garden! There’s not a great deal happening just yet, however, the greenhouse has proven to be a complete success with seedlings popping up everywhere! I have added in some small […]
  • Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder…..23/8/22
    Why do we feel the need to wait for a sign? Wait for the perfect time? Wait for a “Good Reason”? An excuse? Why do we have to wait to make changes in our lives? I truly belive that NOW is the perfect time. You just have to start with one tiny step. One tiny, […]
  • A Lil’ Bit Witchy 31/8/22
    It’s time for something a little bit different. Those who know me, know this about me and accept me as I am. Those that don’t, think I’m crazy. Let’s face it, I’m definitely a little bit crazy, but the good kind, I think! I am a Witch. A practising Green Witch with a touch of […]
  • Sleepy Time Hot Cocoa
    Here’s a quick one for your Sunday evening! I have always had a lot of trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Now, this is definitely not your ‘cure all’ remedy for insomnia, but it certainly is packed full of medicinal benefits and it tastes incredible!! I have to admit, that as a rule, I […]


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