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This is where we discover the simple life, well, it ain’t so simple!
So, please join us on our journey.
You never know, you may even pick up some tips, tricks, ideas and absolute ‘Don’t Do’s’ along the way!


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  • Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder- 30/1/23
    Let’s Take a Moment To Ponder30th Jan 2023 Let’s talk Gratitude…… In today’s day and age, we struggle with life in general.Striving to find that work/ life balance.Struggling to get through our endless list of chores and ever increasing “To Do” lists.We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best we can be.The […]
  • Rescue A Horse- 26/1/23
    Something a Lil’ Bit Different26th Jan 2023 Rescue A Horse…… It’s been a long time my friend,Since I rode these dusty trails.Flies in our faces,And burrs in our tails. It’s been a long time,Since my heart skipped a beat.That feeling of freedom,you’re my wings beneath my feet. Our souls merge as one,As we ride these […]
  • Tales From the Homestead 26/1/23
    Tales From the Homestead26th Jan 2023 Hello my lovelies! First of all, I do apologise for the giant gap between posts, unfortuantely life had just gotten in the way of writing and, well, it’s been pretty full on! I honestly don’t even know where to begin! We have been through floods, storms and now are […]
  • A Lil’ Bit Witchy – nature walk 23/10/22
    A Lil’ Bit Witchy- Nature Walk 24th October 2023 Hello my witchy friends and welcome!I hope you’ve had a blessed day! As I sit here eating my tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich, it made me wonder, how many people actually spend time in nature. Not just a walk through the bush, but stop, sit […]
  • Down The Garden Path 23/10/22
    Down The Garden Path 23rd October 2022 Hello there my fellow green thumbs! I hope you are all doing well and have had time to play in the garden. I have been feeling pretty ordinary lately with bouts of illness, but I have managed to get out in the garden and greenhouse and at least […]
  • Into The Garden 18/10/22
    Into The Garden 18th October 2022 Into the gardenI shall go.To loose my mind,But find my soul Among the flowers,I shall play.Among the bees,Here I will stay. For there’s something special,About the garden.It soothes all worries,And stresses it less hardens. Into the garden,I shall go.To loose my mind,But find my soul. For there’s no better […]
  • From the Apothecary 17/10/22
    From The Apothecary 17th October 2022 Hello hello! It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the apothecary, for that I apologise. This time of year I like to fill up my medicinal tinctures and alike, with allergy season upon us and head colds running rife, I like to be prepared! Now, you may have […]
  • The Soul Of The Garden 16/10/22
    The Soul of the Garden 16th October 2022 The sound of the bees,Is the soul of the garden.Listen carefully,For those disheartened. Tread carefully you must,For those souls are so small.Be wary of the butterflies,For them, friends the bees do call. Feel the cool ground,Beneath your feet.Kick off your shoes,For Mother Earth you shall meet. Breathe […]
  • Our Witchy Garden! 12/10/22
    A Lil’ Bit Wichy….. Our Witchy Garden. 14th October 2022 I cannot possibly contain my excitement any longer, my witchy friends!!! We just have to share with you our new witchy garden!! I felt I needed a little witchy, outdoor, corner to perform rituals, and well, just chill out and think witchy stuff, you know […]
  • There’s a Mushroom in my Bathroom 12/10/22
    There’s a Mushroom in My Bathroom….. 12th October 2022 There’s a mushroom in my bathroom,I’m not sure how it got there.It’s seems to be quite happy,but it came from god knows where! There’s a mushroom in my bathroom,growing tall and proud.Who knows how it got there,in the darkness it is shroud. There’s a mushroom in […]
  • Down the Garden Path 12/10/22
    Down the Garden Path 12th October 2022 As much as we’ve had some nasty weather, we did also have a few nice days in between, so we were able to get out into the patch and get that weeding done! Man, that was a huge task!! You may remember, from previous posts, that I left […]
  • The Big Wet
    Tales from the Homestead The Big Wet 12th October 2022 We have had some truly horrendous weather here over the last two weeks, but this is the first time I’ve actually been anxious and scared about what could of happened! Luckily, we got away relatively unscathed, unlike a few people around the town. Last week […]
  • Let’s take a moment to ponder- 5/10/22
    Let’s Take A Moment To Ponder 5th October 2022 With all the rain we have had here lately, it’s been near impossible to get outside and play! Though this has also raised some awareness for me after a kind gesture by a friend today. We have had so much rain that we are just about […]
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month!
    Down Syndrome Awareness Month Remembering Angel Blake. Balloons for an Angel. Balloons for an Angel,Bubbles for the Prince.Too precious for this world,Yet with us ever since. Balloons for an Angel,Who’s smile we no longer see.Bubbles for the Prince,Who’s laughter will forever be. Balloons for and Angel,Who I never got to meet.Bubbles for the Prince,Forever tiny, […]
  • From the Apothecary- Calendula Balm 30/9/22
    From the Apothecary-Calendula Balm 30th September 2022 One of the first things I taught myself to make was Calendula Balm, or Salve as some people call it. I watched so many Youtube videos and read every recipe I could get my hands on and then came up with my own formula. Now, this is a […]
  • Tales of the Homestead
    Tales of the Homestead-The New Arrivals! 29th September 2022 I cannot contain my excitement any longer and I need to let you all in on the secret!!! For those of you that follow our facebook page (click here!), you would have seen a post about the new pen we put together last week! We were […]
  • A Lil’ Bit Witchy- Herbs for Protection 28/9/22
    Herbs for Protection 28th September 2022 Hello witchy peeps! I hope you are all doing well! This week I’d like to take a look at Herbs for Protection. Now these can be used in many ways like burning, scattering in doorways, hanging in bunches, make a spell bag, make a wreath or even a simmer […]
  • Let’s Take A Moment To Ponder 27/9/22
    Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder 27th September 2022 Hello there, my lovelies, I hope you have had a fantastic week. Unfortunately, the weather has turned wet and cold again here, (so much for Spring!) Needless to say, there hasn’t been a lot happening, other than work and trying to keep warm and dry! It […]
  • And now, for something a lil’ bit different. Excuse my miss-matched tea set.
    24th September 2022 Excuse My Miss-Matched Tea Set Excuse my miss-matched tea set,But it serves it’s purpose well.It’s heard many a story,though those stories it will never tell. Excuse my miss-matched tea set,But it keeps the tea still hot.Let your worries be quiet now,as this pot, be not, forgot. Excuse my miss-matched tea set,As it […]
  • Down the Garden Path 24/9/22
    Down The Garden Path 24th September 2022 First of all, apologies for the late posting, but we have had great weather here the last couple of days, so Mark and I have been busy little bees in the garden and around the homestead! I actually don’t quite know where to start, we have just been […]


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