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A Lil’ Bit Wichy…..

Our Witchy Garden.

14th October 2022

I cannot possibly contain my excitement any longer, my witchy friends!!!

We just have to share with you our new witchy garden!!

I felt I needed a little witchy, outdoor, corner to perform rituals, and well, just chill out and think witchy stuff, you know how it is!

So may I present to you……….

Drum Roll Please……………………

Dead Crow Alley!!!

Aptly named by my gorgeous friend Di, who’s dead crow skull (natural causes I assure you) I stole from her propertly while out walking!

In saying that, there is no crow skull in the actual garden (yet!), only a sheep one, also pinched from Di and Paull’s property while out walking!

Are you ready??????

Isn’t it just stunning, wait till you see the night time photos!!

But first!

Mark built the garden bed and the screen (which we had put up earlier), and I took to the tools and made the little windows.

We had already dicided on wisteria to grow over it, but hadn’t quite figured out what else was going in there, so we went shopping at Wedderburn Produce and Garden and found some little ground covers (can’t remember their name!), some Osteospermum (african daisies) and a stunning standard rose with a very appropriate name “Royal Highness”!

I also had some old candalabras, that good old Paull found for me, and with a little adjustment (and muscle from Mark) we mounted them!

We were so thrilled with how it turned out!

But wait, it gets even better!!!!

Mark went and found some solar lights to make a real feature out of it, and this is the result!!!

I think every Green Witch needs her little happy place, and this is most definitely mine!

I have a few more details to add, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on them, but other than that, it is just the most magical place!!

I wish you all love, light and health.

Blessed be my witchy friends.

Until next time…..

-Amy XX


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