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From the Apothecary-
Calendula Balm

30th September 2022

One of the first things I taught myself to make was Calendula Balm, or Salve as some people call it.

I watched so many Youtube videos and read every recipe I could get my hands on and then came up with my own formula.

Now, this is a product that I sell so I’m not giving you the exact recipe I use, but take this one and have a play to make it your own! It’s so easy!

Calendula is not only an utterly beautiful flower, but it has huge medicinal value!

Before we start, I must say that your balm will only be as good as your herb, or in this case flower, so I do stress!!! Buy as local as possible, organic and from a reputable seller.
I highly recommend Austral Herbs or, for smaller quantaties, Rostlina (Ebay seller).

Righto, with that covered, let’s get started.

First of all you need to make the calendula oil.

Now this is up to you and how you choose to make it, but there are a couple of ways.

You can simply add the dried flower petals (or full flower if you prefer) into a large jar (I use 1 Litre jars) to about 3/4 full without them being pressed down. Then pour over your choice of carrier oil (I tend to use Rice Bran Oil) to the top of the jar, seal and place in a dark cupboard, giving it a shake at least once daily, and leave to sit for 6 weeks or so.

My preferred method is to use a slow cooker, mainly because I make large batches at a time, 3/4 fill the cooker with dried calendula then cover with carrier oil to just below the top, giving it a stir to remove any air pockets.
Turn to low and allow to cook overnight, or in my case, I tend to leave it go for around 12 hours.

However you choose to make your infused oil, just make sure to give everything a good stir to get all the goodness out.

After your oil is finished “cooking”, drain through cheesecloth doubled over, and squeeze as much as you can out!

You are going to need:

* A double boiler or a saucepan and bowl set up
* Clean, steralised jars with an airtight lid
* Whisk
* Spatula/ scraper

* 1 Cup of Calendula infused oil
* 3 level tablespoons of Beeswax
* 1 level tablespoon of Shea Butter (or Cocoa butter or alike)
OPTIONAL- Your choice of essential oils (chamomile and lavender work well, but I leave mine unscented) approx 6-10 drops

With all your ingredients pre-measured, and your jars ready to go, get your water boiling in the double boiler then turn down to a good simmer.
Add all ingredients (except for the essential oils if using them) into the top of the double boiler. Grab your whisk and keep stirring.
As the beeswax and butters start to melt, keep it moving slowly to make sure there’s no lumps etc.
Once all melted and looking “clear”, remove from the heat and sit aside for only a minute. You don’t want to leave it sit too long as it will start to set, but you want it to cool just slightly before adding any oils.
If not using oils then go straight into pouring your balm into your jars!
Once poured, leave the lids off until it has cooled completely, otherwise condensation can build up on the lid of the jar.
Once set, put the lid on firmly and remember to label your jar!
This will last for AGES!!!
Though it is to be kept in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

This balm is utterly sensational on dry, itchy and irritated skin. It is also amazing for eczema and dermatitis sufferers!! Simply apply to the affected area as needed, and reapply as often as needed!

Now, I choose to leave mine unscented as I find some people have allergies to certain essential oils, leaving it unscented means its safe for anyone to use. Well, unless they have an allergy to rice bran oil or anything from the marigold family!

It is a truly remarkable balm that is not only simple to make, but has so many uses!

Yes it’s great on dry skin and alike, but it is also good for mild burns and abrasions too!

Give it a go! And remember, if you do, I want to hear all about it!!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!!

Until next time….

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one can Hear You!

– Amy XX


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