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Tales From the Homestead
26th Jan 2023

Hello my lovelies!

First of all, I do apologise for the giant gap between posts, unfortuantely life had just gotten in the way of writing and, well, it’s been pretty full on!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin!

We have been through floods, storms and now are in drought. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind with many highs, but a great many lows.

There hasn’t been a lot of action to write about and the garden has been a complete flop this season.

The greenhouse was destroyed by rats and I lost absolutely everything, including my rare medicinal herbs and unique vegetable seedlings.
This absolutely gutted me, and I have not even stepped foot inside of it since it has happened. Without word of a lie, in one night, everything was gone.

This means WAR! We need to get the numbers down and reclaim the greenhouse and vegetable garden.

So please, if anyone has any bright ideas, I am all ears!

I hate baiting, but it seems that this is what it has come down to.

They may look cute and cuddly to some, but to me, this is the face of pure evil!!

I have basically given up on the Medicinal herb garden after the rat attack, and it has been left to die back and is bare.
However, I’m not going to completely relent, I am going to refresh the soil and start again in the winter!


Then there’s the severe drought that we are going through, after a good few weeks of flooding last year.

The ground is cracking, everything is various shades of brown and, well, it looks like crap!

We have gone from one extreme to another, with days on end of relentless rain, to days of 40 degrees (celsius) scorching everything in it’s path.

Our paddocks are now dust bowls, with not a blade of grass in sight. This means constant hard feeding of the horses and chickens (and newly aquired ducks!), which of course is less than ideal!

Luckily we are able to cart water for all of our animals and, what’s left, of the garden.

This time of year, particularly where we live, is harsh. It’s hot as hell, dry and makes you ask yourself, why the hell are we doing this??

The answer is quite simple….

No we are not complete and utter masochists, nor do we seek to punish ourselves.

We simply love what we do and love where we live.
We cannot imagine being anywhere else.

We have had a couple of new arrivals here, with Maverick……..

Another rescue that has come into care for some tlc and ground work, before we find him the best of homes.

(I won’t show you a before, full body, photo as it really is quite distressing)

Maverick is, at a guess, in his late teens or early 20’s and was left abandoned in a paddock for quite some time. He was terrified of just about everything and had zero trust in humans.
I mean, can you blame him!?!

Any way, he has been here now for a few weeks and is coming along beautifully. We had a few little set backs with getting weight on, though now he is coming on in leaps and bounds.

He came into the round yard for his first session with me just the other day, and I’ve very quickly discovered, that he wants to work! He absolutely loved it! And this old man, certainly doesn’t act his age!! He’s forward and super responsive!

Rest assured, he does have both eyes, it’s just a terrible photo of him pulling faces after he worked!

He still has more weight to gain and needs a lot more basic work in the round yard to build up some much needed muscle before he can start his riding career, but this boy is just the sweetest thing and thrives on attention!

I have also found my way back into the saddle on my old boy Elvis!
Anyone that knows me, knows that this is a HUGE feat and I’m just a little bit proud of him and I.

With enormous thanks to my wonderful friend Lizzy, she has gotten me back to the place I used to love with all my heart.

I had basically called it quits on riding. Happy to just do the pampering and ground work with all the horses that come through.

But with a little push, I actually did it!!

I have some weight to loose and he has some fitness to gain, but together we make a pretty damn good team!!

Lizzy, I cannot possibly thank you enough for making my heart sing again!!

Well, I’m going to leave it there for now, but just wanted everyone to know, I’m not dead. Deadish, maybe, but still basically upright and moving forward!

I will aim to get busy with the blog again over the coming weeks so be sure to check back!

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Until next time….

Live life to the fullest, love beyond words and laugh like no one can hear you!!

– Amy XX


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