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Herbs for Protection

28th September 2022

Hello witchy peeps! I hope you are all doing well!

This week I’d like to take a look at Herbs for Protection.

Now these can be used in many ways like burning, scattering in doorways, hanging in bunches, make a spell bag, make a wreath or even a simmer pot or tea.

How you choose to use them is entirely up to you, though my preferred method is burning in my mini cauldron and casting a spell of protection while the herbs are smouldering.

OK, the list below is a short-ish one, but these are my favourite herbs for protection, however, there are many others you could use, it’s entirely up to you!


This particular herb is a heavy hitter amongst protective herbs.
In particular, rosemary protects against witchcraft, ghosts and evil spirits.
By using rosemary in your spells, you add extra oomph and ward off any bad energy coming your way.


Also a powerhouse against witchcraft and evil spirits.
Make a wreath out of fresh rosemary and dill and hang on (or near) your front door, stopping evil spirits in their tracks and forbidding them to enter your home. It will dry out eventually and look awesome!
You can also burn the dry herb or add into a spell bag.


Not only is lavender brilliant at calming the nervous system and helping you get a good night’s sleep, but it is also protector against evil spirits and negativity!
I personally sprinkle it across the doorways to form a barrier, while sprinkling I will say something like “No evil may enter here, no negativity is allowed”, but obviously, you do it your way!
A small bag under your pillow at night, will also help to ward off bad dreams!


Ok, so this one isn’t so much for evil spirits or alike, however, it is used to ward off nightmares.
Simply pop some in a organza bag, or a bag made of sheer, breathable material and place it under your pillow or beside your bed each night.
I would recommend changing the herb every month, returning the spent herb to the earth and putting fresh herb into your bag.
If you suffer from bad nightmares, add a bit of lavender to the bag for a little extra punch.


We witches all know the benefits of sage and in particular, it’s ability to banish evil and negativity by smoke cleansing your home, but I think it needs to be on the list as it is one that I use very regularly and swear by!
Every couple of months (more often if I feel it’s needed), I will open all doors and windows, smoke cleanse with sage while telling all evil and negativity to leave my house and land. If I feel a particularly heavy negativity or evil may be present, I will physically yell at it to “f**k off you are not welcome here!!”
Don’t be scared to get angry, feel it and damn well mean it!

As much as my personal list is short, there are so many other herbs you could use such as Oregano, Fennel or Parsley (all used to ward off and protect against evil spirits). I just say, use what feels right to you.

You can also create a salt line at your doors and windows to prevent any evil entering your home.
I will occasionally add some pink salt in with my lavender to do just that.

Another great way of protecting your home is to make up a decoction of rosemary, lavender and thyme (though you choose your own herbs) and use it to wash your window and door frames.
You can also take this decoction and put it into a spray bottle to use as a cleansing spray on your home and yourself! It smells great too!

Well my witchy friends, I hope you find this post of some use, but do remember, if you have any questions at all, pelase don’t hesitate to get in touch! While you’re at it, don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed it, and sign up down the bottom, to be notified as soon as a new post goes up!

Until next time….

Blessed be my lovelies.

– Amy XX


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