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Down The Garden Path

24th September 2022

First of all, apologies for the late posting, but we have had great weather here the last couple of days, so Mark and I have been busy little bees in the garden and around the homestead!

I actually don’t quite know where to start, we have just been that busy!

OK, well…

The week started off pretty bleak, wet and generally Blahhh.

Thursday came along and the weather was perfect! So we donned the garden gloves and off we went!

I started by pulling up the weeds in the 4 far beds that I am using for flowers and bee attracting plants, along with 2 blueberries.
This small section alone, produced 2 wheelbarrows FULL to the brim of weeds and this didn’t include the masses of cape weed and grass that I threw into the 5 chook pens! Phew!!
All this bending and heaving lifting, just reiterated the fact that I am seriously unfit, that needs to stop hibernating in winter allowing the cold weather kilos to pile on!!

After that (and a seriously large cup of tea!) I got into the greenhouse and potted up some more seeds:

* Stevia
* Tommy Toe Tomatoes
* Zucchini- Ronde De Nice (new variety for me)
* Clary Sage
* Chamomile- German
* Button Squash – Yellow
* Sweet Corn
* Jalapeno Chillies
* Capsicum- Californian Wonder Red
* Zucchini- Lebanese
* Lemon Balm
* Apple Cumumber
* Zucchini- Black Beauty
* Spearmint

Geez, I didn’t realise how long that list was!
And there’s still more to be potted up!!

With all those being potted up, I was starting to run out of room! So I added 2 more small shelves in the centre of the greenhouse.

Some of the seedlings were getting pretty big, so I planted out the Radishes, Mini Coz lettuce (some in the spare bed in the greenhouse and some in the garden), Blue Cornflowers and the rest of the Scarlet Beans.

Oh! And I even got creative and used an old watering can, that had a few holes in the bottom, as a pot for my white strawberry plant (given to me by a wonderful friend). That along with the two planters another friend found me, have made the start of the decorations for the outside of the greenhouse!

Cute right!

I am a little proud of that one, because me and power tools, aren’t really that friendly!

I also repotted some seedlings into bigger pots as they were too big for their punnets, but not quite big enough to be planted out just yet.
The White Sage is looking fantastic and for me, is quite exciting! I have many witchy plans for those babies!
I also repotted the calendula, as only a couple germinated along with the Astragalus.

All this done, while Mark mowed the grass (aka weeds).

After all that work it was only right that we celebrated with a cup of tea and chocolate bikkies, and call it a day!

Needless to say we planned an early night, that night, with plans to do even more in the morning!

Only we didn’t, and decided to build the new “animal” pen instead.
(Nope, you’re not getting anything else just yet, but you will find out more in the very, very near future!).

With daylight slowly fading, we then decided to call it a night!

Today was another full on day!

We continued with operation “Weed the Jungle” and got stuck into the veggie patch!

To say this was a mammoth task, is a complete and utter understatement!!

I won’t add photos yet, until it’s complete, but we have at least 12 wheelbarrow loads of weeds dug up and pulled already, with only 2 more beds to go. But our everything’s hurt and we just couldn’t keep going!

If you remember from previous posts, I left the weeds to grow around the plants to keep out pests etc. I do have to say, it worked incredibly well! Not a single sign of a pest in sight!!! The downside, however, is that the removal of the weeds (wanted them out before they lay seed!) was an insanely huge task. So was it worth it?? Yes and no. I mean, it did exactly what it was meant to do! It protected all the plants from pests and all the plants have produced (except from the brussel sprouts, they bolted to seed, becuase they are evil little morsels of yumminess, hated by the majority of humankind!), and I have to say, yes, I would probably do it again, but next time, maybe just leave the grassy type weeds and remove the cape weed. The cape weed has been our greatest enemy this year!
I proudly boasted last year, that compared to our neighbours, we had very little.
Yep, that bit me on the ass this year!
I also need to add, I NEVER watered the plants in those weed ridden beds, nor did I feed them etc. I only watered them in with powerfeed when I first planted them. Literally, did not even touch them after that! Admittedly, we have had a fair bit of rain over the winter period, enough so that it really didn’t need extra watering, but I do feel that those weeds really helped to protect and keep the seedlings from requiring anything extra.
Definitely something worth looking into for your own gardens, though maybe don’t let it get quite to the stage that we did.
Here is the before photo, and this was BEFORE the sun kicked in and they grew about another 2 feet overnight!

I promise, after photos when we actually finish, but for now you’ll have to use your imagination!

We found the garlic again, which is growing beautifully! The cabbages haven’t really formed heads as yet, but are curling around nicely. The cauliflower, I’m not sure will actually do anything as I can’t see heads forming as yet. We pulled the brussel sprouts out and the walking onions are going gangbusters! These onions are seriously cool! They grow up like a spring onion, form a head, which then flops over onto the soil, developing roots and forming an onion, this onion then produces a shoot, grows a head and flops over, so on and so on! They are unreal. More like shallots really, but super yummy and something a little different!
(Photos in future posts)

While the grass is green and the clover is abundant, we let the horses out to graze, taking it in turns to have a pick at the fresh greenery, which they just love!

Oh! Another bit of excitement!!
I have passionfruit seeds that have germinated!
Passionfruit are notoriously hard to get to grow from seed, and most people resort to buying a grafted plant, which is great, but can also be painful if you’re not aware of the rootstock starting to sprout and take over. The bonus with a seed-grown passionfruit, is not having to worry about the rootstock running a muck!

Hello little ones!!

I did also discover aphids in the Pak Choy in the greenhouse, but there was no need to worry as the heavy artillery arrived just in time!
Ladybugs/ Lady beetles, are seriously cute, but seriously murderous fiends when it comes to juicy little suckers, like aphids!
No need to spray in this greenhouse!
*blows the smoke from my finger gun*
The ladies are on it!

Well, my fellow greenthumbs, after a couple of huge days, we are both utterly knackered and are well and truly ready for bed!
We are sore, stiff and tired, but man, it was worth it!

Until next time….

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one Can Hear You.

– Amy and Mark XX


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