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Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Remembering Angel Blake.

Before I start, I need to thank Diane and Paull for allowing me to use photos of their gorgeous son Blake, who sadly is no longer with us, but will forever be with them.

They have a wonderful Facebook page called: Blake’s Million Smiles
I highly recommend you pop over and check it out.
You can read more of Blake’s story on his page.

Balloons for an Angel.

Balloons for an Angel,
Bubbles for the Prince.
Too precious for this world,
Yet with us ever since.

Balloons for an Angel,
Who’s smile we no longer see.
Bubbles for the Prince,
Who’s laughter will forever be.

Balloons for and Angel,
Who I never got to meet.
Bubbles for the Prince,
Forever tiny, hands and feet.

Balloons for an Angel,
Who would light up the room,
Just by being his happy self,
Eliminating all gloom.

Bubbles for the Prince,
With Jarf in his hands.
Cooing at the cuddly toy,
All eyes he’d command.

Balloons for an Angel,
Who’s voice is now gone.
Bubbles for the Prince,
Who’s memories, forever, live on.

I mean seriously, look at that face!

Even after everything his tiny body was put through, he was always smiling and winning hearts.

I’m just so upset that I didn’t meet this incredible little human.

Di and Paull, you two are just amazing. I could not ask for two better people to have entered my life and who we now, very proudly, call family.

Blake adored balloons and bubbles, so please, blow a bubble or inflate a balloon, and let the world know it’s for Blake.

Tonight, say his name out loud, blow him a kiss and hug your loved ones a little tighter, as life is just too precious and the time spent with them should be cherished.

Love you Di.

Love you Paull (AKA Trapper!)

Love you Angel Blake!

Live life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one Can Hear you.

Until next time…..

– Amy XXX


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