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Down the Garden Path

12th October 2022

As much as we’ve had some nasty weather, we did also have a few nice days in between, so we were able to get out into the patch and get that weeding done! Man, that was a huge task!!

You may remember, from previous posts, that I left the weeds to their own devices, protecting the brassica’s from the elements and pests.
Well it worked absolutely beautifully and we had a bountiful harvest of broccoli, which we are having the last of with tea tonight, but the clean up was a nightmare!
Yes, it did exactly what it was suppose to do, and the soil looks amazing underneath, but we pulled out approximately 3 cubic metres worth of weeds! A majority of that being cape weed!
So, as much as it did the job, I don’t think I will be doing that again in a hurry! Our backs, knees and hamstrings couldn’t cope with the clean up again!!

And this was only one small load!!

The greenhouse is producing beautifully, and we have lettuce, snow peas and pak choy that we have been enjoying.

I experimented a little with the pak choy, when harvesting, I cut the plant around an inch from the soil level and left it in the bed, just to see if it would regrow.
We have now had 3 harvests from the same plants!!

We also have White Sage seedlings growing nicely and the passionfruit are still going strong!!

We are letting the pak choy now go to seed so that I can collect it ready for another crop.

A little hint…

Only collect seed from healthy, abundant plants. Never collect from week plants, just because they went to seed. Weak seeds produce weak plants!
Also, always dry your seeds out thoroughly before storing in paper bags, remembering to label them!! I have several bags of seeds here that I wouldn’t have a clue what they are! I remember thinking, I’ll mark them later, but, well, I didn’t!

The cauliflower has FINALLY started to get heads on them and it’s looking like it will be a bumper crop!

Did you know that you can freeze your extra cauli by chopping it up, blanching it in boiling water for around a minute, draining it and then put it in freezer bags and into the freezer?
It works brilliantly!
This works for most vegetables! Though, the more delicate the veggie, the less blanching time it needs. You don’t want to put over cooked veggies in the freezer because they turn to mush when you defrost them!
Though, I did find that this method didn’t work for potatoes! They went gritty when defrosted! So they really need to remain in dry, cool, storage instead.

I’m so thrilled, I have stevia that has germinated!!

This is the first successful germination for me! Along with the peppermint!

I have also planted out stevia and peppermint seedlings into the medicinal herb garden just in case!

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest planting any form of mint directly into a garden bed as it can go gangbusters and take over a whole bed in no time, but I use peppermint (for teas mostly) very regularly, so these plants will be constantly harvested.

As for the stevia, I haven’t actually grown it before, but I’m figuring that if I dry it and store it, it will make a great sugar replacement!

Oh!!! And this week we put in my new little witchy garden!! I will do a separate post on this one in my Lil’ Bit Witchy section, but I am so over the moon with how it turned out!!
Mark did the building of the bed and the screen (which was there previously) and I took to the tools and made the windows! There may have been some swearing and tool throwing involved, but hey, it looked awesome in the end!

Mark added the solar lights to it and BOOM! It looks utterly incredible at night!!!

I hope everyone’s garden is going well and that you are reaping what you sow.

Until next time my little green thumbs…

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one can Hear You!!

– Amy XX


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