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Tales of the Homestead-
The New Arrivals!

29th September 2022

I cannot contain my excitement any longer and I need to let you all in on the secret!!!

For those of you that follow our facebook page (click here!), you would have seen a post about the new pen we put together last week!

We were given the fence panels by a beautiful friend of ours, and they were going to be another chicken pen of some sort, however, we had different ideas!

A few of our friends knew what was going on, but other than that, we kept our lips sealed, until now!

Let me introduce you to the new kids on the block Frankie the chestnut stallion (Frank Sinatra due to his stunning blue eyes!), Bambi, the chestnut mare and Midnight, the black mare.

These kids were basically unhandled before we picked them up.
But you wouldn’t know it now!
2 Days later and they are trying to get into your pocket and need to be in your face at all times! And Lord help you if you have carrots!!!

It was a bit of a feat trying to get them on the float, but after around an hour, I managed to rope the black mare, Midnight, and get her onto the float. I had lucerne chaff in a bucket which she started munching on happily, so I spread it across the floor of the float. Once the other two saw she had something yummy, they couldn’t help themselves and they just jumped on! Mark quickly put the tail gate up and we were away!!

Mark likes to tell everyone that he doesn’t like the new additions, they’re just “OK”, though he has to go and see them every evening when he gets home from work and give them a treat!
Yeah, he really doesn’t like them!!

Little Bambi is the most timid out of the three, but she has discovered, as of yesterday, that she LOVES to be scratched!!

Frankie Blue eyes is a sweetheart and a total stunner with those piercing eyes! Though he is a little more standoffish, but we will work on that! He still loves a carrot, so I think bribery will be the way to go!

Midnight is only staying temporarily, for some handling and halter training, then to return to her owner as she holds a special place in her heart.
This girl is definitely the most outgoing of the lot and comes trotting up to me when she sees me!

Now for some random pony spam, just cause I can!!

The eventual aim is to break them to cart and have some fun, with the option of breeding later down the track.

I mean, seriously, look at those faces!!! Don’t you just want to smooch them!!!

I promise there will be loads more pony spam to come!

Have a fantastic day my lovelies!

And remember:

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one can Hear You!

Until next time….

– Amy XX

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