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Let’s Take a Moment to Ponder

27th September 2022

Hello there, my lovelies, I hope you have had a fantastic week.

Unfortunately, the weather has turned wet and cold again here, (so much for Spring!) Needless to say, there hasn’t been a lot happening, other than work and trying to keep warm and dry!

It seems to me lately, that there has been a great deal of focus on blaming others for mistakes and the inability to admit wrong doings!

I will be the first to admit that I make a bloody lot of mistakes, and will continue to do so on a regular basis! However, I am also one that will raise my hand and admit my mistakes.

None of us are perfect, but how a person deals with their stuff ups, says a great deal about them and their morals!

A beautiful friend of mine posted this on their Facebook page and I found it pretty appropriate considering the topic of today’s post!

And this, dear reader’s, couldn’t be more true!

The fact is, we all stuff up from time to time, sometimes in a major way!
But if we can make those mistakes and learn from them, well, that just makes us unstoppable in the end.

So, keep making mistakes, keep learning from them and growing into the awesome human you are trying to be!

Another thing to remember is that amazing things can happen due to mistakes and learning from those mistakes!
Just because you thought your life should be going in a certain direction, doesn’t mean that beautiful things can’t be discovered through taking a wrong turn!!

Sometimes the scenic route is so much prettier!

You can choose to blame others for your wrong doings, and well, be a shitty human being!

Or you can choose to raise your hand, admit your mistakes, learn from it and move on!

Just remember, there is nothing to gain by belittling others.

There’s nothing to gain by being an asshole.

But there’s everything to gain by being the bigger person, being truthful and by being kind.

Kindness costs nothing, but it can make a huge impact.

Until next time….

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one Can Hear You!!

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