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Tales from the Homestead

The Big Wet 12th October 2022

We have had some truly horrendous weather here over the last two weeks, but this is the first time I’ve actually been anxious and scared about what could of happened!

Luckily, we got away relatively unscathed, unlike a few people around the town.

Last week we recorded a total of 102ml of rain in just two days, which caused major flooding and, for the first time since being here, we were land locked for a couple of days, with our road being under water.

The water was coming in so fast that our little creek was like white water rapids and rising quickly. It eventually broke the banks and the horse paddocks were under water.

We lost chickens, which broke my heart, and Merlin (the little Arab colt) got a fright and ended up over a fence into the next paddock (luckily no major injuries, just sore and sorry for himself.)

I have been through bushfires and severe storms before, but this is the first weather event that actually put the wind up me and I was terrified for our animals. We did everything we could to protect them, but mother nature can be so incredibly cruel sometimes.

We were lucky. There were several neighbouring properties that turned into lake fronts, lost stock, fences were washed away and others who’s houses were badly damaged. It was these people that my heart went out to.

Luckily our garden held up ok and we only had a few garlic plants that keeled over with the strength of the rain, however, they are still hanging on.

The worst part is, we are predicted for the same weather event over the next couple of days, and to say I’m terrified is an understatement.

We have battened down the hatches, covered what we needed to, put extra screws into the roof of the greenhouse and moved our cars away from trees, as we had a few big branches fall from the last rains. Now all we can do it hope like hell, that all our preparedness is in vain and that the majority of this predicted rain goes around us! We have everything crossed!

To anyone else in these areas, I wish you all safety and love and know that if you need help, we are only a message away.

Our local SES volunteers are true angels and working their asses off to help everyone in need. I do stress, absolutely stress, DO NOT CROSS ANY FLOOD WATERS!!!!!!!!! There were so many call outs to the SES involving people driving vehicles through flood waters and getting stuck. This is beyond stupid, nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth risking your life and the life of our volunteers!! Please think before you do something utterly stupid!!

I’m sending love, light and my thoughts to everyone.

Please reach out if you are struggling!!

Take care everyone.

Blessed be.

Until next time…..

– Amy XX


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