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From The Apothecary- Herbs for Inflammation
16th September 2022

Hello there my lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well!

Today I am going to focus on herbs for Inflammation, as there seems to be a lot of you interested in herbs that may help.

First of all, inflammation comes in many forms, be that of the joints etc or internally in the gut and bowel.

Today however, I will be focusing on joints and alike.

I think as we get older (ok ok not all of you are older, but hear me out!), we start to feel a lot more pain due to inflammation, whether that be from arthritis or repeditive strain etc. We don’t tend to look after ourselves as we should, I mean let’s face it, most of work our guts out and fall into a heap when we get home and simply cannot be bothered with regular self care, and I do understand that. But I’m telling you now, if you don’t take those few minutes each day to look after yourself, you are going to pay for it in the end both physically and mentally!!

Righto, let’s get into it!

Obviously there are hundreds of herbs that are going to help you with inflammation of the joints, but these are my absolute “Must Have” herbs!

In Latin, Comfrey is known as con firma, or translated to English, ‘Make Firm’.
It was traditionally used to help the healing of broken bones due to it’s remarkable ability to heal injured tissue, including bone.
It is also amazingly effective on strains and sprains.
It was even used to heal gangrene and necrosis back in the day! Powerful stuff, right!
Comfrey can be taken as a tea, but it is recommended to only be taken for 6 weeks, the same time a broken bone would normally take to heal.
I personally make a balm, that is used topically, made from comfrey infused oil and turmeric. It is a ripper for arthritic pain, swelling, joint pain and even tired, sore muscles.
(Available from my website- HERE!)
Which leads us to our next Herb…..

With it’s most active component being Curcumin, turmeric is a powerhouse against pain and inflammation! The best part is, it is so incredibly easy to use!
You can, obvioulsy, add it into any food (not only does it taste great but it’s super pretty in colour!), make yourself a turmeric latte, add it into your juice (fresh) or even better, make yourself my sleepy time hot cocoa’s!! (Find the blog post HERE!)
As I said above, I add turmeric into my comfrey balm to be used topically, directly on the painful area, and it just gives it that extra OOMPH!
Not only is it a heavy weight against pain and inflammation, did you know it also helps to prevent heart disease, can improve memory, keeps blood sugars steady and improves digestion? Trust me, there’s more benefits of turmeric, but I could go on for hours!
Just get it into you!!

I think everyone knows this beauty!
Most people even drink chamomile tea on a regular basis, purely and simply, because it tastes great!
But did you know, it also helps to relieve pain and inflammation!
It is definitely best used as a tea or tincute to be taken internally, however, I have found that chamomile balms have worked brilliantly too!
Studies have even shown that Chamomile is effective, as part of treatment, on Osteoarthritis and many gastrointestinal ailments!
It soothes, and cools the ‘heat’ of the inflammation.
You can also make a tea and put it in the fridge to drink cold later on!

Yep, it looks very similar to Chamomile, but this little guy is more closely related to Pyrethrum!
Now, before you rush out to get it and put it in your tea or make a tincture, let me warn you, IT TASTES LIKE CRAP!!!! Seriously, it is bitter and will make your eye clash together in your head, but it is worth every agonising chew!
Feverfew is insanely effective on arthritic pain, headaches and migraines when taken internally.
I do find that the dry herb, when made into a tincture or tea, isn’t too horrible, it’s more the fresh herb that packs a punch! In saying that though, if I have a headache that won’t shift, I go out to the garden and pluck off a few leaves (I save the flowers to dry!) and chew on them. It is serisouly that good!!
A word of caution though!!
This herb is NOT recommended for pregnant women or children!!! Also not recommended to be used on a regular basis or if you are on blood thinning medication!!

Devil’s Claw
Aptly named due to the herb looking like a gnarly claw, this little powerhouse is dynamite against pain and inflammation when taken orally in a tea/ decoction or tincture. Particularly for arthritis and even Rheumatoid arthritis!
In saying that, caution must be taken with this herb as over use can cause diarreah and indigestion! So, please just be careful. I would suggest maybe a small cup of tea three times a day, or a small dosage of tincture three times a day. It can also cause skin irritation if you come directly in contact with the herb, though it’s only very minor.
I would not recommend you taking this regularly, for a long period of time. Say a maximum of 12 weeks!
Again, not recommended for pregnant women or children!!!

Willow Bark
Or to be more precise, White Willow Bark, has been used since 400BC!!! People were advised to chew on the bark to relieve pain, fever and inflammation!
It was traditionally used to treat lower back pain, osteoathritis, bursitis, and tendonitis!
My preferred method for taking willow bark, is tincture. However, it can be made into a decoction or tea if preferred.
It was also commonly known as Nature’s Aspirin!
Not hard to see why now is it?

Well that’s it for my ‘Must Have’ herbs for inflammation of the joints and alike. I hope you found this to be useful!

I will be preparing blogs on other herbs for different ailments, so stay tuned!

Now, please feel free to subscribe, so you don’t miss a post and also if you found this post to be useful, please give it a ‘Like’.

I truly appreciate you all stopping by and hope you add a couple of these herbs to your kit!

Please get in contact with me if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover!

Until next time….

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one Can hear you!

Blessed be.

-Amy XX


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