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Let’s Take A Moment To Ponder
22nd September 2022

I do apologise for the late posting.
We decided that with our couple of days off, we would get some chores done around the homestead.

So, Sorry, not sorry!!

Let’s start today’s entry with a warning…..

If you don’t like swearing, blunt talk and a harsh reality check, then you may want to look away now and find another blog to follow!

With that said, let’s get into it!

“Oh Woe is me” people……

Anyone that knows me, knows that I just don’t tolerate bullshit and drama.

I want no part of it, or the people that create it and spread it.

I find it a gross waste of energy!!

But even worse than these people, are the ones I call the “Oh Woe is me” people.

The ones that have always got something to complain about, some kind of illness or a random limb falling off or alike!

Negative nancy’s that feel the world is ending because they broke a nail and it means that there may be major surgery involved along with a very expensive visit to the shrink!

The one’s that you complain to about your headache, but they have one worse, so bad in fact they think it may be a stroke, making your tension headache pale in comparison to their problems.

The one’s that couldn’t be happy for you winning $10 on a scratchy ticket, because their prize was bigger and far more important than yours.

Or! The people that think they know your horse better than you, because they have so many years of horsemanship under their belt, that you couldn’t possibly know your horse better than them, even though they bought the horse originally, treated it like shit and decided they didn’t want it after all because it was a fucking psycho that busted through a gate to get away from said person and then wouldn’t go near said person, so once caught they choke the horse down into submission leaving a permanently burst vein on the side of the horse’s head due to lack of oxygen!!
Oh, but no, of course they know better than you, cause they have more “horsey” experience.
Fuck me, you’re a twatwaffle!!!


Rant over, moving on…………..

You, the “Oh Woe is me” person, are a complete wanker.

You, that believes in posting to social media, every little ailment, mishap or snot bubble because you need the sympathy. You’re an unbelievable waste of my time….

I’m not talking about the casual convos of how you’ve been crook and feel like shit, but hey, have moved on and are back in the swing of things.

Nor am I talking about the genuine conversations with friends about how certain things make you feel unsafe or insecure.

And I’m not talking about people that have a genuine mental health issue!

I’m talking about the people that feel the need to find fault in every little thing in life. That never seem happy unless they have something to whinge about, making them, well, unhappy!

Have you once considered that your life actually is pretty damn good, and that you are simply an attention seeker and feel that every living soul needs to hear just how unfortunate you are?!?

Do you even consider that, in the eyes of someone less fortunate, your life looks pretty fucking amazing??

Well it’s true!

You complain because you are tired and want to go back to bed, you don’t want to work today, you’ve got enough money…….

While someone is homeless, trying desperately to find work just to get them by.

You complain that your arm is hurting again because you went to play golf and you don’t know how you’re going to cope with all the pain…..

While someone is in pain 24/7, fighting just to stay alive to see their loved ones, just one last time.

You complain that your kids are little shits and you can’t be bothered dealing with them, screaming at them to act “normal”, yet you’re sitting on your fat ass, claiming benefits, smoking it and pissing it away, greedily taking handouts before heading to the local supermarket for another slab of jim beam and a carton of cigarettes, all while screaming at your kids from the couch, refusing to spend any time with them, playing with them, holding them and telling them how much they are loved.…..

While a mother lives with the pain of loosing her child, not even 2 years after they were born, desperately cherishing every memory that was made in such a sort time. Remembering what it was like to hold her child in her arms, remembering how he smelt and the way he giggled at the sight of a balloon.

You, my dear, are a complete and utter asshole.

Fuck negativity.

Fuck your insignificant, constant complaints.

And Fuck you for ignoring your children and missing out on all the important things.

Life is for living!!!!!

Not for complaining and seeking sympathy.

Appreciate the little things.

Take time to be grateful and do everything with purpose and with a thankful heart.
Take in every moment and love with your whole heart, while you still can.
There is way too much negativity out there, and far to many “oh Woe is me” people.
Don’t be one of them.

Now, I’m not saying that YOU are one of those people, but if you are, stop and think first.

There are far more people out there worse off than you.

The life you lead may seem mundane to you, but it seems like a luxury to someone else.

Take joy in the mundane, because by chipping away at it, you are creating the ultimate you and the life you dreamed of.

For Blake XXX

Be grateful.
Be honest.
And be kind.

Until next time……

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one can Hear You!!

Blessed be.

– Amy XX

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