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Down The Garden Path
15th September 2022

Hello there fellow greenthumbs!

I hope your week has been sunny and abundant!

We have had a reasonably good week, weather-wise, which has helped the crops along nicely.

The greenhouse has burst into life and looking healthy.
The peas have now got their climbing frames and have latched on beautifully. The beetroot have finally put on a bit of decent growth. The carrots are popping up everywhere and we harvested our first Pak Choy!!!

I haven’t spent as much time in the patch as I would of liked, due to work and crapy weather.

Yes, I am a fairweather gardener!!
I wear glasses. Have you ever worn glasses in the rain? It’s infuriating!
Yes, I could take them off, but I can’t guaruntee what it is I would be harvesting for tea. And yes, I could wear a cap/ hat etc, but no, I’m stubborn.


I was so thrilled to be able to harvest several components of last night’s tea, straight from the garden!

We had Chicken tenders (shop bought), mashed potato (ours) and sweet potato (locally grown), Pak Choy and Broccoli (both ours) followed by stewed apple (locally gorwn) and rhubarb (ours) with homemade thick, and glorious custard (our eggs, and check out the colour!!).

I actually had a productive day in the kitchen this morning, making Di’s Mum’s Impossible Pie.

This was a first for me and it, most definitely, will not be the last!!!

A few eggs, a bit of Self Raising Flour and then add what ever you like!

I added Tuna, sweet corn, spring onion, cheese, salt and pepper.

Pop in the oven until browned on top and feels ‘solid’.

It was the bomb!!!

This was my lunch yesterday, Marks lunch today and will be our dinner tonight!
(along with a few more greens from the patch!)

Ahhh, and the absolute kicker!

I got preserving!

I had a glut of lemons, with thanks to Bron and John, and their insanely productive lemon tree, so I had a crack at Lemon Curd!

Admittedly, I did use the Thermomix (aka the Thermonator, aka the other boyfriend!) and it could not of been easier!!!

Along with the Lemon Curd, I made a small batch of Strawberry Jam, with the small amount I had (shop seconds) and it turned out amazing!

Also a Thermonator special!

And, of course, no jam is complete without a gorgeously, luscious, homemade bread!!

Again, a thermy special, this one is the Milk Bread and it is an out and out favourite here!

With hot bread and Jam filling my house with the most incredible aromas, well, I just had to have a little sample (or two!).


So, what should you be looking at getting done this week?

Well, I will be putting in the corn seeds (sweet corn this year), also planting out the radishes into the spare raised bed in the greenhouse.
The Medicinal herb seeds will be going in too and the Blue Cornflowers will be planted out into the medicinal herb garden.

Also on the “to do” list, is to throw the punnets that failed to germinate into the compost (not many at all luckily!) then give everything a liquid feed.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest giving your garden a good liquid feed with a quality feed such as powerfeed/ seasol or alike. Or if you prefer, you could toss out some slow release fertiliser.

Also serioulsy think about getting your spring crops on the go! Don’t miss the boat on this one! Just be aware that, at least here in Western Vic, we do still get the odd frost through spring. I combat this by watching the weather app and covering plants with a frost cloth or even shade cloth, at night and removing it after the frost has gone.

Well, my lovelies, thank you for popping over and reading my little blog, I truly apreciate your suppport!

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Until next time….

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one can Hear You!

– Amy and Mark XXX


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