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Spell Bag for Abundance of Crops
14th September 2022

Hello my witchy friends and thank you for stopping by.

I’ve got the first of our spell work posts for you today, and we are starting off simple, with a little spell bag!

Now, spell bags can be used for several purposes, and we will, most definitely, have more down the line, but for today, we are making one for abundance.
This particular abundance sell bag, is for my greenhouse to promote the abundance of my crops.

what you will need:

* Organic cloth – just a small piece
(I used Calico- thank you Diane for your offcuts!)
* Cotton (for sewing)
* Sewing needle suitable for the cloth
* String or extra cotton for drawstring
* Tigers eye crystal chip
* Dried Lavender
* Dried Calendula
* Cinnamon Stick

Right, with all that at hand:

Fold the cloth in half:

Before you sew, think of the intention you are wanting to put into each stitch.
For me it was:
“Good germination of my seeds, strong growth of my seedlings and abundance of my crops”
Repeat this either in your head or out loud, with every stitch you make.
We are not looking for perfection here, we are simply closing the material so that the contents won’t fall out.

Sew along 2 of the edges, leaving an opening at the top as such:

Run the needle in and out to form a drawstring at the top of the bag and tie knots in each end like this:

Add the Calendula, and whisper as you sprinkle it in:
“Calendula for Abundance”

Now Add your Lavender, and whisper:
“Lavender to protect from negativity”

Add the Cinnamon stick (broken up if needed to fit) and whisper:
“Cinnamon to raise spirits and bring abundance”

And now, add the tigers eye chip and whisper:
“Tigers eye to ground, bring luck and protect”

Pull the top of your bag closed.

Now hold the bag between your hands, close your eyes and sit with it a moment in meditation.
Feel the cloth beneath your fingers.
Touch each stitch.
Focus on what you want this bag to do.

For me, I repeated:
“Bring strength to my plants, protect them from negativity and bring abundance to my crops”

Repeat your mantra until you feel it’s right.
There is no time limit!!!
You could do this for 5 minutes, half an hour, or 30 seconds.
All that matters, is that you are charging it with your intent.

Once you are happy that your spell bag is charged, take it into your garden (or in my case the greenhouse) and hang it where it can look over the area you are trying to bring abundance to.

I hung mine just at the door.

Here’s the thing…..

This bag is designed to rot away!
And once it does, it is to be returned to the earth.

When you notice that your bad is starting to disintegrate, take it carefully from it’s spot, dig a hole (anywhere you like, but as close to the area you had it as possible) place the bag in the hole, take a moment to look at it and give thanks for the blessings it has brought upon your garden.
Fill in the hole and, again, thank it.

This may seem quite small, but it is in fact a great starter spell and they are fun to make.

There are many, many different spell bag “recipes”, but in the end, it doesn’t matter what you put in them, it’s the intention that goes into them that matters most!

I will share with you other spell bags in future posts, but do give this one a go.

Even if you don’t consider yourself any form of witch, it’s a nice little exercise to perform and a way to give thanks to the garden, and Mother Earth, for all she provides.

That’s it for now my fellow witchy friends, be sure to keep an eye out for the next blog!

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Until next time….

Blessed be my lovelies.

– Amy XXX


2 responses to “A Lil’ Bit Witchy 14/9/22”

  1. Soooooo going to do this!!!!!!!


    1. Omg yes! Do it! It’s just amazing!


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