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8th September 2022

With Spring upon us, there’s been a fair bit of action in the garden this week!

We’ve enjoyed a really lovely week of sunshine here, though the rains are now here and with a predicted 35ml on it’s way, we’ve battened down the hatches!

The Greenhouse is proving to be the ideal environment for getting the seeds going and the little raised beds that are in there are thriving!!

The Pak Choy has doubled in size and will be ready to harvest in the next couple of weeks. The carrots have begun to sprout, the lettuces are standing up nicely and looking fantastic, and the snow peas are now needing a climbing frame (which I will get done while it’s raining).

I’ve found the beets haven’t put on much leaf growth, though as we know, it’s not what’s on top that counts, but what grows beneath the soil!

We have seedlings popping up everywhere! To say I’m thrilled is an understatement!! I will have plenty to pop into the veggie patch once I get them turned over.

There’s so much going on in the greenhouse that it’s hard to list them all, but, I’ll try!

We have:
Astragalus, QLD blue pumpkin, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, cornflower, calendula, evening primrose, feverfew, white sage, peas, mini cos lettuce, rhubarb, silverbeet, echinacea, leeks, radishes, sugar beets, turnips, finger limes and beans.

There is more in there, I just can’t think of them all at the moment, but needless to say, there’s a nice variety that will be going in the ground this year!

Speaking of….

We have finally fenced of the proposed Medicinal Garden from the feathered brats that think it’s their own personal dust bath and worm hunting ground!!

The Medicinal Herb Garden!

I’ve been adding organic material to the beds on a regular basis and am going to (once the rain is over with!) add in the contents of the compost bin to them.
The soil in them is pretty good, just a little compacted and needing a good turn over.
There is still some feverfew plants and calendula in there, which can stay, but the aim is to totally fill these beds with medicinal herbs for me to be able to use in the apothecary.

Now onto the veggie patch!

I’ve dubbed it “Weedsville”!!

As you may have read in my previous post, I have let the weeds do as they please in the veggie patch, which has created a barrier (as well as turning the place into a freaking jungle!) against any pests that may choose to devour them!
Well, as much as it is completely hideous and going to be a painful clean up, it has proven to be a complete success!!!
This is the first time my broccoli has developed heads, which we will be eating in the next couple of weeks and the cabbages have not been touched by a single white cabbage moth!!

The garlic, all but lost amongst the grass, is thick and strong and doubled in size over the last couple of weeks! You just, well, have to look for it!!

You may need to squint! Ha ha ha!

The fruit trees are all in blossom and looking glorious, the calendula flowers are looking like incredible, little fluffy, balls of sunshine and the garden, in general, is looking fabulous!

I will be harvesting the calendula after this rain, to dry and use in the apothecary for balms, lotions and herbal teas.

As usual my feathered workers as slacking off and hoping that if they follow me, super close, everywhere I go, that I may do the hard work for them and flick them a worm or a big fat juicy grub………

Unfortunately, our chickens are of the lazy variety, and being so well fed, I think they have forgotten how to ‘chicken’ correctly!!

Lucky they are cute!

Speaking of cute!

Do you remember mum and bubs?

I have two Silkie hens, both with babies, that have grown so much lately!

I find breeding chickens so utterly satisfying!
Watching them grow from tiny little fluffs, dependant on mum for everything, to scratching around and finding their own juicy little morsels in the garden!

Well my fellow greenthumbs, I hope you get to play in the dirt and enjoy some sunshine this week!

Until next time….

Live Life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one can Hear You!

– Amy and Mark XX


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