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Tools of the Craft

Happy Witchy Wednesday my lovelies!

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some of this glorious sunshine, where ever you are!

Right. So, tools of the craft……

I’m asked, very regularly, what tools do I need to get started?

My answer is always the same!

Let me make this 1000% clear…..

You don’t need any ‘Tools’. None. Nothing. Zip!

Witchcraft, in any form, is all about intention. It’s all about YOU, putting YOUR energy and intention into a spell/ working etc. and for that, you don’t need a single bloody thing! I don’t care what anyone tells you, you don’t need a thing!!!!! You need a clear mind, a place that you feel most comfortable in, and some damn good intention!!

That’s it!!!!

So, please, please, please, don’t go out and spend a small fortune on fancy gadgets and witchy must haves, unless you can afford it and really want it, then bloody well do it!

Artist unknown

If you wanted to get yourself something witchy, to start you off. I suggest you get yourself a really good notebook and a pen and start studying the craft, writing down anything that takes your fancy. But you know what? You could get a $2 scrap book and it would still hold the same intent as an expensive, leather bond, hand pressed note book! If you fill the notebook with your own work, studies and findings, it’s going to be priceless to you, and that, my lovelies, is all that matters!!

The most important thing in this craft, is have fun.

Experiment. Be you. Do you!

Don’t let others tell you how it SHOULD be done, because something that works for one may not be fitting for another. Only you will know how best to perform a ritual or spell. You just ‘Feel’ it. So have fun with it!!! There’s no wrong way to do something.

In saying that, I am a firm believer that what ever you put out to the universe comes back to you threefold!!!

Part of the Wiccan Rede is as follows:

“Do what Ye Will, that it Harm None!”

In other words. Do as you please, but harm no one in the process.

If you go out and do any research after reading this post, I suggest reading the Wiccan Rede (also know as the witches rede). Should you choose to follow it or not, that is completely up to you, but I do follow this basic rule.

I think, next week, I will start to delve into some basic spell work and alike. I don’t want to scare off the non-witchy people just yet! So bear with me as I slowly dive a little deeper into the craft.

For now, my witchy friends, just know that you don’t need expensive things to get into the craft. You just need good and pure intention.

I will go into further detail, where intention is concerned, in the next post or two. I just wanted you all to know that this is not an expensive exercise. It is actually a beautiful road of self discovery and enlightenment.

I truly hope you stick with me!

If there’s ever any questions or queries, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you and will help where I can!

Until next time……….

Love and light to one and all.

Blessed be my witchy friends.

-Amy XX


2 responses to “A Lil’ Bit Witchy 7/9/22”

  1. Sue-Anne Hackett Avatar

    I really enjoyed reading and having a better understanding. Looking forward to next week’s blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much! I was a bit dubious about putting it out there to be honest. But it’s something I’m quite passionate about so of course love writing about it!
      Thank you so much xxxx


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