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31st August 2022

It’s time for something a little bit different.

Those who know me, know this about me and accept me as I am.
Those that don’t, think I’m crazy.

Let’s face it, I’m definitely a little bit crazy, but the good kind, I think!

I am a Witch.

A practising Green Witch with a touch of Kitchen Witch thrown in just for shits and giggles!

I won’t go into a huge amount of detail about it just yet, but I will in future posts.

Basically, a Green Witch is a nature loving, dirt worshipping, mad keen gardener, specialising in plants with medicinal/ spiritual/ magical benefits.

A Kitchen Witch, takes these plants and turns them into edibles/ drinkables and alike, filling these creations with intention and love.

Obviously, there is a hell of a lot more to it, but at least that gives you a little insight into what I do and love.

So, why witchcraft? Why ‘cast’ spells? Why worship a deity of any sort?


Because I can and because it makes me feel good!!

That’s it!!!

OK, so not all of us are in it for those simple reasons, but I am.

I do not believe in hexes, black magic or alike.

Yes, I’m sure there’s people out there that practice this, and there is zero judgement here, but it’s just not for me.

I also believe that what ever you put out into the universe, comes back to you 3 fold!

So only good intentions here, thank you very much!!!

I have a slight addiction to crystals and collecting anything weird and wonderful to add to my altar!

I am a fully qualified herbalist, crystal healer, reiki master, massage therapist, energy healer, tarot reader, life coach and the list goes on.
Yep, if it has anything to do with the self and soul, then i need to study it! I am a perpetual student and I love it!!
However, instead of using all these titles, I simply call myself a ‘Holistic Healer’.
Much easier, right!

So, the moral of this story is, I will be making this blog a regular feature, where we delve a little deeper into the spiritual, the weird and wonderful.

I truly hope you enjoy it and stick with me through this.
However, if this is not your thing, then that is absolutely, perfectly fine and I will still keep going with the other regular blogs.

Much love to you all.

Love and Light.

Blessed be.

– Amy.


9 responses to “A Lil’ Bit Witchy 31/8/22”

  1. verneece Woodman Avatar
    verneece Woodman

    Hey lovely, do you do massage, if so, I would love a relaxation massage ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha! I do, but I do remedial. So little bit more deep tissue.
      I’m sure we can arrange something though xx


      1. verneecewoodman4 Avatar

        I would love that, let me know when you are available lovely ♥️Sent from my Galaxy

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will send you a message xx


      3. verneecewoodman4 Avatar

        No worries ♥️Sent from my Galaxy


  2. I love everything about this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh. Thank you so so much. That really means a lot xxx


  3. Sue-Anne Hackett Avatar

    Love everything and really looking forward to new exciting posts. Well done A Lil’ Bit Witchy xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! That means so much to me coming from you xxx


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