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19th August 2022

I’d like to introduce you to a regular feature of the blog, Down the Garden Path.

Here we take a meander through the gardens and see what been going on, what’s growing, what’s new, and what’s carcked it!

I’m aiming for this to be a weekly or fortnightly thing.

So, let’s get into it!

There’s plenty of back story that I could go on about, where it all started and alike, and if you’d like to hear that, I can do a seperate post on that in the near future. However, for now, I’d like to fill you in on what to grow, how to grow it and what’s going on in our gardens here.

First of all, let me start by showing you our latest project!

We originally had a large plastic hoop-type greenhouse, which, alothough, did exactly what it was meant to do, the cover soon deteriorated and to be honest, the thing was that bloody big and a total waste of space!
We decided that a smaller, more permanent structure was needed, so Mark got busy and built this beauty for me!

Complete with “helper”!

Isn’t she just beautiful!

In total, it is 3 meters by 3 meters and we think, a much more realistic size for our needs. We can get an abundance of seedlings going at any one time, along with popping in a few raised beds (moveable ones) to have a little something growing all year round (thinking carrots and lettuces etc).

The old greenhouse frame we are thinking will make a good polytunnel, with in ground beds, giving us the ability to grow all year round or prolong a growing season, depending on our needs. This will be a story for another time though!

Here’s the beginnings of the greenhouse:

We were pretty lucky and scored the corrugated iron for a slab or beer, however we did have to fork out for the laserlite and the poles, though in the long run, I think we will make our money back in no time!

The ground was absolute slosh with all the rain we had, and very quickly turned to thick, heavy, clay mud!
We decided to put a thick layer of crusher dust down to make it a bit more accessible, which we happened to have on hand. It has worked a treat actually and I was able to kind of dig the feet of the shelves into it, making them more sturdy!

No sooner the floor was down, I was onto moving the shelves in and getting things set up!

And with that, the planting began!!! I cannot explain just how exciting this was for me!

I was also able to move in some of the more fragile seedlings that I already had, along with my ginger, turmeric and crocus saffron.

The seeds have only just gone in as of a few days ago, so no action as yet.

I put in:
* Silverbeet – Bright Lights (different colours)
* Radish – Cherry Belle
* Sugar Beets
* Calendula – Fiesta Gitana
* Fig – White (kept from a neighbours fruit)
* Finger Lime – Green Altonsville
* Turnip – Purple Top
* Lettuce – Mini Cos
* Sugar Snap Peas
* White Sage
* Dandelion
* Feverfew
* Cornflower- Blue
* Bean – Purple King (Climbing variety)

So I think that is a pretty good start.

Now for a bit of a plug….

I get all of my seeds from Happy Valley Seeds.
I have personally found them to be great quality and viable seeds. Their delivery time is pretty quick and their selection is insane!
Now, if you get on their site and spend a small fortune, I hold absolutely zero responsibility for that!!! You have been warned!!
(It’s so so worth it though!)

Now! Lets show you what’s going on in the veggie patch!

Winter time is for Brassicas!
At the beginning of winter I planted out Red cabbage, Cauli, Broccoli, Silverbeet and Brussels Sprouts.
All are doing exceptionally well, except for the silverbeet, which I feel I planted out too small and the frost soon killed it off.
It’s also the time to plant out Garlic and Strawberries.
I already had strawberries growing, however, it was an effort to find them as the weeds had taken over! I got stuck in the other day and found them again!

Now is definitely the time to start thinking about your Spring crop!
(Yes, I am assured that Spring is coming…….. Finally!!)

Think about preping your soil and adding some good compost and broken down manure. I have 4 pooping factories here (horses!) so I’m never in short supply of manure!
Get your soil all turned over and ready to plant.

Remember that we do still have severe frosts here in Western Victoria, so just be aware that planting too early can cause imminent death to fragile seedlings!

I would recommend getting those brassicas in asap, if you haven’t done so already, and if you have got them in the ground, now would be a great time to hit them with a good feed of blood and bone or a liquid based feed, like powerfeed etc. You can also find organic feed in pelletised form if you’d prefer to throw some of that around. Either way, just get some feed into them now as when spring comes, they will be really putting on their growth and starting to mature/ form heads etc.

It’s now also time to think of pest protection.

Around here, fruit flies are a major concern!!
Get those traps etc in place now, before the larve start to emerge!
I would also be looking into getting netting organised to get the trees covered asap.

Get some good quality mulch on those beds and hit your seedlings with an organic pest control or fruit and veg dust.
Yes, if it rains I would recommend redoing it, but get in early and get prepared now!

OK my little green thumbs.
I hope you have had some time in the garden and getting dirty!
I would love to hear what you all have growing, or intend on growing, so please feel free to leave a comment or message me directly!

Until next time, dirt worshippers………

Live life to the fullest, Love beyond words and Laugh like no one can hear you!

-Amy and Mark.


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