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Rain, Rain, Go Away! 16th August 2022

Since it’s pouring rain, yet again, here at the homestead, I thought I’d fill you in on what I tend to do with my days (if I’m not working) when it’s too miserable to play outside!

Obviously, for someone like me, not getting outside can be, well, crap!! I hate it! I used to get so worked up and cranky. Sure, I can still go outside, but that wet stuff falling from the sky drives me crazy. It hits my glasses, then I can’t see. If I take my glasses off, well, you guessed it, I can’t see!! So, I used to get very, very frustrated!!! I believe they call it “Seasonal Depression” (yep it’s actually a thing! Look it up!)
Needless to say, I had to learn to deal with it and find coping mechanisms so that poor Mark wasn’t torn apart, just from looking at me the wrong way!

Let me say, yes we needed the rain, and I’m certainly not complaining about the rain itself, our tanks are full and our grass (I can’t belive it, we actually have grass!) is greening up nicely (and the weeds too!), but when you get so much rain day after day, week after week, it becomes a bit monotonous! Everything has turned to slush and it makes being outside just completely unpleasant and not to mention, a chore!

Ahhhh the joys of Rain and Clay soil!

We go from one extreme to another here.
Severe drought in summer, where every drop of rain is cherished, to full blown pouring rain, mud galore and overflowing tanks.
I must add, we are exceptionally lucky compared to those in other parts of Australia where they have had torrential rain and seemingly, endless flooding, where houses were lost, livestock perished and the land rendered useless for the near future. With all this flooding, of course the cost of food has skyrocketed (we’ll get into this in a little more depth in another post) which in turn, has sent the cost of living through the roof, all while these poor buggers are just trying to survive!! It’s heartbreaking!!

So, back to my story!

Sorry, you’ll learn very quickly that I tend to waffle on and bounce from one subject to another, I do apologise, but keep up, I promise it’s at least interesting!

I love to knit.
I am OBSESSED with knitting.
Well, any form of yarn magic really!!!
Lately, socks have been the flavour of the past couple of months.
I bravely learnt how to use double ended needles and short circulars, to make some quite spectacular looking socks!!
Here’s just a few (trust me there’s a lot!!):

I have been keeping quite busy with these! I have discovered some incredible yarns, one of which is West Yorkshire Spinners. They are just divine to knit with, and I may have ordered more than I’ll ever use in my lifetime!

I tend to find most of my patterns on Ravelry, from Facebook groups and friends.

The other, very quick and easy project I’ve been playing with, is hand warmers (they are so simple, I will even type the pattern out for those that want to try some!), these are so super easy, warm and a good stash buster!!

Here’s the pattern (without a thumb!):

You need-
Any 8ply yarn
3.75mm needles (or whatever you prefer to use with chosen yarn!)

Note: This pattern is for a ladies size small to medium, but you can always add on extra stitches for a bigger size. I’d add on say and extra 6 stitches for a ladies large and an extra 12 for a Men’s size Medium.

Left hand-
Cast on 44sts and 1 x 1 (or 2 x 2) rib for 20 rows (longer or shorter if you like!)
Now Stocking Stitch for 20 rows
Next: Knit 6 sts, cast off 6 sts, knit to the end.
Next: Purl to cast off, now cast on 6 sts, purl to the end.
(Thumb hole done!)
Stocking Stitch for 12 rows
Garter Stitch for 8 rows
Cast off and sew up the seam!
Now you knit the right hand the same until the cast off for the thumb. You literally just do it in reverse! So instead of knit 6 then cast off, you would knit to the last 12 sts, cast of 6, knit to the end. Next row, purl 6, cast on 6, purl to the end. Then follow the pattern for the left hand!
It’s seriously that easy!
You can make the finger length longer if you wish, add different colours for the bands or even design a pattern to fit!
Hope you give it a go, and if you do, please send me photos!!!!

8ply socks in West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn!

Knitting for me is very therapeutic.
Meditative even!
I usually catch up on Youtube videos I’ve missed, or listen to a podcast while I’m knitting by the fire, with a cup of tea next to me!
It really is just so relaxing!
(Unless you stuff up a pattern and have to rip it out in disgust ’cause you just can’t handle the fact that it doesn’t look right!! *Sigh*)

For those of you that aren’t into knitting, I completely apologise for boring you to tears and hope it hasn’t put you off our journey for life! I promise the next blog will not be about knitting (maybe!) and will be more “fun”!

Anyway, dear readers, thank you again for joining me and I hope, where ever you are in the world, you find a little joy in your day and carry love in your heart.

Until Next time……

Live life to the Fullest, Love Beyond Words and Laugh Like No one Can Hear you!!

-Amy and Mark


6 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

  1. verneece Woodman Avatar
    verneece Woodman

    I enjoy reading what you have been up to, you are a very talented lady ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it xxx


  2. Yes knitting is my saviour

    I was getting enthused with what seedlings I should plant, the mice decided the seedlings were for them
    I saved a lot at least they were in tin boxes they have even decided they like my organic fertilisers

    Okay back to knitting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh aren’t they just a nightmare!! I’m currently designing some traps, I’ll test them out and let you know how they go! I’m trying to sprout grain for the chooks, but the mice devour all the good bits before it can strike!!! Not happy at all!


  3. Yep
    Still having trouble with solar running on the generator
    Turning out to be a expensive exercise
    Good news is once our drive dries we should be getting it graded


    1. Oh wow, it’s really turning out to be a big job!


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