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The Chicken, The Eggs and the Hot Water Bottles! 13th August 2022

As I mentioned in the previous blog, we may have developed a serious Chicken addiction.

Not just you little ‘oh some chickens would just finish off the homestead nicely’, kind of thing, more like a full blown ‘let’s get one in every colour, size and breed’, kind of addiction. Yes, seriously, that bad!


We got 8 Orpington girls, 4 black and 4 blue.
(Thanks to Lisa for starting the said addiction!)
These girls were just the friendliest, funniest most entertaining bunch! So much so that we fell head over heels and immediately wanted more!

The day came that one of the girls turned broody (sitting constantly on the nest hoping to hatch out babies), but of course we didn’t have a rooster, so all eggs were infertile!

I had a brainwave!!!

I got some fertile eggs from a lovely lady just a couple of towns over (look them up on Facebook: Two Crazy Bird Ladies), and promptly put them under the first broody hen.

Well, the broodiness was contagious, and before long I had hens sitting left right and centre!!

I eagerly waited for the first week before I could candle the eggs to see if they were viable!

A viable egg!!!!

And there it was! A viable egg! Good veins on view and a strong little heartbeat!

To say we were ‘Eggcited’, well, you know, (sorry I couldn’t resist that one!), was an understatement!

As the days went on, I noticed an egg, here and there, being tossed out of the nest, so I’d pick it up and put it back in there.

Then I noticed eggs ‘missing’ completely!!

I began to panic!

Then my nightmare became reality when I found a dead chick in the nesting box. One of the other hens had attacked the egg, obviously as it had started to hatch!

I hadn’t experienced this before so had no idea what to do, so I did the only thing I could think of and grabbed the two remaining eggs (that had started to hatch!) and took them inside!

My problem was, how the hell do I keep them warm? We have generator power, that we only use at night, and no brooder box set up!!

And this, dear readers, is where I got inventive!

Hot water bottles!

Yep, good old fashioned hot water bottles!

I had two. Once one had been in the tub a couple of hours, I would boil the kettle again and make a fresh one!

This went on for a whole day and night, until finally………

Welcome to the world little ones!

So, I managed to hatch them out, but now what!?!

Well, the hot water bottles continued, every few hours, every day and night! But how cute are they?? They are so worth the effort!!

These two, very quickly, became great little pets! But after 12 weeks, they were ready to leave the ‘nest’ and become real chickens!!

They settled into chicken life quite quickly and got along brilliantly with the Orpington girls!

The best part??

They both turned out to be hens!

And here they are today, meet ‘Winnie’ (the Wyandotte cross) and ‘Goldie Horn’ (Isa brown cross)

Goldie Horn

They are still absolute characters that will follow you around just to see if you have a little tid bit for them!! And if you’re not careful, they will jump on your lap! We breed them a little ‘different’ around here ha ha ha!!!

Well, there you have it folks, the story of the chicken, the eggs and the hot water bottle!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the adventures around the homestead!!

Have a blessed day and remember:

Live life to the fullest, Love beyond words and Laugh like no one can here you!

Till next time!!

-Amy and Mark.

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