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The Beginning- The Short Version!! 13th August 2022

Where do we being?

How about I start right back at the beginning, just over 2 years ago……

Mark and I were living a very…..
lets hear it again…..
Busy life in a, well, very busy, heavily populated regional town in Victoria. Bendigo.
Now to any normal person, this is a reasonably small-ish kind of town, but to me (who was used to a tiny town, with one main road and not even a round about in sight), this was the big smoke and to say I hated it was a massive understatement!

I was working a job that required me to be available 24/7, for a boss, that, well, let’s be frank, wasn’t a great human being in my opinion.
Anyhoo, all that crap aside, we were craving to get out of the place and onto a patch of land we could call our own. After nearly a year of searching, and endless disappointment, we found it!

Now, obviously there is a lot more to this story, but I think you all just want to get to the knitty gritty and the good stuff, right?

So long story short, we fell in love with the block, fell in love with the town of Wedderburn, and I quit my job!
(Best decision of my life let me tell you!)

We set up our caravan and before we even had a proper place to stay in, we (when I say we, I mean Mark!) built the horse paddocks so I could bring my horses home!

Secondly, after the horses were brought home from agistment, Mark set himself to building a shed to house our caravan, in which we decked out into a pretty bloody awesome shack!

Then came the veggie patch, not just any veggie patch, but the mother of all veggie patches!!
20 meters long by 15 meters wide! This thing was enormous and gave us enough room to feed nearly the entire town!
Well, maybe not that much, but enough to keep us growing all sorts of stuff, all year round!
In the first growing season we produced enough potatoes to feed us for most of the year, along with sharing the crop with some of our neighbours and friends. (Our families aren’t close by, so they missed out ha ha ha!)

Alas, that’s where the joy ended as we were infested with fruitfly that demolished our entire tomato crop and most of the chillies.
I was utterly heartbroken and honestly, lost all motivation!

Not long after the veggie patch came the chickens.
Orpingtons to be exact.
These chickens are the sweetest, floofiest characters you’ll ever meet, and we were hooked!

The chicken obsession had begun!!!!
Now we have silkies and pekins, and some silkie cross orpingtons.
(yep, seriously, the little dude had his way with the big girls! I’ll add photos of the grown babies in a future post, they are seriously cute!)

There has been mass amounts of trial, error and total failures, but Mark and I pretty much have the hang of it now. We are regularly making changes, improvements and coming up with new ideas!

That brings us to the present day.

OK, so there is a mammoth tonne of stuff in between all that, but you get the general idea.

I do work 4 days a week now at the local supermarket, which I just love, but it still gives me plenty of time to play around at the homestead, and Mark still works full time in Bendigo, commuting every day to and from work, but he doesn’t complain (much!).

This blog will allow you a little insight into our daily lives here at the homestead, give you ideas and plenty of DON’T Do’s! Loads of tips and tricks along with a bit of a laugh here and there!

We really hope you’ll enjoy it and please, please get in touch with us if you have any questions or even feedback, it’s always appreciated!! I adore hearing from everyone, even if it’s just to tell me I have made a spelling mistake (Yes, it happens often!).

Remember guys….

Live life to the fullest, Love beyond words and Laugh like no one can hear you!!!

Blessed be everyone XXX

-Amy and Mark.

Myself and Mark, in one of the only photos I actually like!!

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